Swiss Youth in science 2017

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MEM: Maurice Müller Building - Department of Clinical Research (DKF), Murtenstrasse 35, 3008 Bern

Monday, March 13th at 8 am to Friday March18 th to 12pm (Flyer)       
  • Induction of the host antibodies by the microbiota: analysis of IgA and IgG  comparing germ-free versus colonized mice in serum and intestinal wash by ELISA (Li Hai) and by histology (Catherine)
  • Modification of the macro-structure of the intestine induced by the microbiota (Mercedes)
  • The microbiota in a colonized mice compare to the germ-free mice (Jakob). 
  • The microbiota in our body and environment: aerobic and anaerobic culture of skin (before and after cleaning), oral swap,…), phone, computer, toilette (Jakob). 

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