2nd Young Scientists Meeting in Bern


Flyer (PDF)

“Host-microbial interactions: at the mucosal surfaces and in systemic organs”

Wed-Fri, January 09-11, 2019
Bern, Switzerland
Registration and abstract submission will open
from November, 1st 2018

1. Dr. Stephanie Ganal-Vonarburg, University of Bern – A. Macpherson lab (CH)
2. Dr. Pedro Hernandez-Cerda, Institute Pasteur – P. Herbomel lab (FR)
3. Dr. Andy Wullaert, VIB Ghent University (BE)
4. Dr. med. Catherine Mooser, University of Bern – A. Macpherson lab (CH)
5. Dr. George Birchenough, University of Gothenburg – G. Hansson lab (SE)
6. Dr. Elisabeth Nystrom, University of Gothenburg – G. Hansson lab (SE)
7. Dr. Nicola Segata, University of Trento (IT)
8. Dr. Bahtiyar Yilmaz, University of Bern – A. Macpherson lab (CH)
9. Dr. Mathieu Almeida, INRA, Paris– H. Blottiere lab (FR)
10. Dr. Lisa Maier, EMBL – N. Typas lab (DE)
11. Dr. Camilla Basso, Institute for Research in Biomedicine, Bellinzona – F. Sallusto lab (CH)
12. Dr. Silvia Preite, NIH – PL. Schwartzberg lab (US)
13. Dr. Emma Slack, ETH, Zürich (CH)
14. Dr. Lilian Lam, University of Oxford – F. Powrie lab (UK)
15. Dr. med. Manuel Jakob, University of Bern – G. Beldi lab (CH)
16. Dr. John Grainger, University of Manchester (UK)
17. Dr. Joanne Konkel, University of Manchester (UK)
18. Dr. Christoph Klose, Weil Cornell University – D. Artis lab (US)
19. Dr. Nora Branzk, Charite’ Hospital – A. Diefenbach lab (DE)
20. Dr. Carsten Riether, University of Bern – (CH)
21. Dr. Guru Krishnamoorthy, Max Plank Institute of Biochemistry, Münich (DE)
22. Dr. Mathias Schmaler, University Hospital Basel – G. De Libero lab (CH)
23. Dr. Cristina Gil-Cruz, Institute of Immunobiology, Kantonsspital St. Gallen – B. Ludewig lab (CH)
24. Dr. Yuuki Obata, The Francis Crick Institute – V. Pachnis lab (UK)
25. Dr. Juliette Yabo Mouries, Humanitas Institute Milan – M. Rescigno lab (IT)
26. Dr. Jenny Gustafsson, University of Gothenburg – G. Hansson Lab (SE)
27. Lester Thoo Sing Lang, University of Bern – P. Krebs lab (CH)
Full program will come soon!
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